There’s a whole world in my silence.
Those unsaid words weigh heavy on my bleeding heart. I am not an open
book you can judge
by its cover. I’ve got galaxies inside waiting to be discovered.
I am proud of my sharp companions.
Great memory of the girl and the creator.
To not forget them,
they’ve given me these scars under my shirt sleeves.
And if you try to live
without me, I’d be suicide
notes and ropes for your death. Besides me, there’s
the FEAR and REGRET,
standing with the tears
that I shed.
The gatherings hold candles, but not their tongues
And too much blood has flown from the wrist.
don’t weep. I wanted this.
I misplaced. Born on the wrong time and on the place
Its okay thou
You will see me soon. u will know when your time has come just look at the moon.
As it shines throughout the night and remembers everyones fighting
their own war. But I am sorry.
I am not a fighter. I cant deal with it anymore.

I was misplaced

I am gonna send you the
purest and whitest dove
here to look after you.
you r not gonna miss me
just hug ur pillow tighter.

So this is it WORLD. Good Bye.