This day evokes memories dear,souvenirs I would say ❤
Poignant and touching but cherishful for a lifetime
You taught us to be charming,chilled  and admirably tolerant like you
But never taught us to move on without you
And survive this day without hugging you a hearty ‘happy b’day’
We beseech to Lord to show you
As we cascade into solitude and dreams today
And gift us the memories of the 6th of june
That we had been embracing,showering you with love
‘Sweet 16’ for your everlasting influence on us????
As you begin your days as a baby up there!
Glances of your twinkling brown eyes
Evokes mortal memories
But we go on hoping you’ll be waiting up there
To confine us into your sphere once again
Gallivanting around your new home
Showing off your not-so subtle  expressions:)
Overflowing with endless curiosities,questions and  your own inner world of wonder ????
Craving for our annoying,evasive  answers
Just to retrieve us from solitude ❤
Which now we realise were all
Bound by your inexplicable magic spell!

-For Tabitha on her Bithday